Sales Assessments

Sales assessments, sales skills tests, and sales interview questions for evaluating knowledge, skills, mindset, motivation, and training needs.

Sales Skills Assessment

Use these affordable sales assessments to inspire development, train without a trainer, evaluate individual and team effectiveness, identify training needs, select the right people, and increase results.

The following sales tests, assessment tools, and support options are available for use online. Follow the links for more specific information:

Available online shortly:

  • Negotiation Skills
  • Persuasion Quotient
  • Sales Aptitude

Use the feedback to develop individual, team, and organisational strengths, minimise weaknesses, seize opportunities, and deal with threats. Use our grading and validation options to verify self assessment results.

Bespoke unbranded solutions available for larger organisation, management consultants, and trainers.

Identify the easy ways to increase personal effectiveness and guard against vulnerabilities. Find new ways to deal with obstacles and improve performance.

These assessment tools provide straightforward competency based evaluation with optional review by real people.

Customer Skills Assessment

Feedback in the form of single glance radar charts represents the results of assessments to highlight the most important issues and the most significant gaps. Accompanying reports and development tools offer specific, 'low cost' or 'no cost' guides to improvement.

Easy to use review tools enable managers, coaching staff, trainers, and other professionals to provide independent third party feedback.

Assessment Benefits

  1. Participants are prompted to examine their strengths and weaknesses and learn how they can improve strengths and address weaknesses.
  2. The feedback reports and downloads present recommendations that do not depend on the services of a third party so participants can begin making improvements as soon as they have time or resources.
  3. Results help participants provide structured, authentic input for appraisals.
  4. Feedback can be used to present competence in job interviews and applications.
  5. Developing the right skills and habits increase effectiveness and improves results leading to increased earnings and advancement opportunities.

Assessment Applications

Professional Sales Competence

Who is responsible for sales competence? Most people answer, "I am". The assessments help address the supplementary questions, "How do you know if you are professionally competent?" and, "What can be done to attain, develop, or maintain competence?"

Guidance for Individual Development

Assessment tools identify and quantify opportunities for individual development. The feedback provides a sound base for participants prioritise a development plan that will lead to increased competence, rising performance, and personal growth.

Low Cost or No Cost Learning

Development recommendations focus on self-led learning rather than externally driven intervention such as training or coaching. The feedback provides individuals with an opportunity to steer development based on empirical evidence instead of unstructured perception and opinion.

Standing out in a Selection Process

Assessment completion provides evidence of initiative and demonstrates a positive and proactive attitude to learning and development. The feedback provides a practical and efficient platform for answering the question, "Why are you suited for this job?".

Assessment feedback helps present a compelling picture of strengths and abilities. It helps explain exactly what a person is good at and leaves interviewers in no doubt of the candidate's competence. People who put themselves through assessments have the edge on those who don't.

Assessments Available

Under Development:

  • Negotiation Skills
  • Persuasion Quotient
  • Seller Characteristics
  • Seller Personality

Validation by a SalesSense coach

In telephone interviews, an accredited coach asks a series of structured questions that reveal ability. This provides an independent evaluation of skills and habits. The coach provides a written feedback report revealing in depth analysis of strengths and weaknesses together with development recommendations.

Validation by a line manager, in house coach, or consultant

Validation tools are available separately to facilitate validation by in-house staff or preferred third parties.

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