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Sales Sense Social Networking for B2B Sales

Leveraging the digital world and social networking for business to business sales. Increase sales effectiveness through digital presence and digital engagement. Includes LinkedIn training.

The game has changed. In the old days, buyers relied on salespeople for information and granted them a chance to begin building a relationship, early in the buying process. No more! Today, buyers get their information and even pricing guidance, online. Today's salespeople need to be masters of digital engagement.

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£335 plus VAT

Register by email or tel +44 118 983 3887

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Those who ignore the need to follow customers online and engage in social networking for business, risk being consigned to end of process engagements that deny the opportunity to develop understanding and trust.

New ways demand new methods. Salespeople must master digital engagement and learn how to build relationships through digital tools so that customers are more willing to engage in the traditional manner.

In the new world, relationships are built electronically before any form of direct contact. This is the new reality. This programme involves participants in learning a practical, step by step, digital engagement methods that reclaim the opportunity to develop trust and understanding, early in a customer's buying process.

LinkedIn training is included along with step by step instructions for establishing a broad digital presence using blogs, twitter, and social networking for business to business sales.

Programme Objectives

  • Be found on Google
  • Use LinkedIn for Sales
  • Establish digital credentials
  • Identify the right prospects
  • Find the sales opportunities
  • Get attention without cold calling
  • Develop a one way business relationship
  • Get introduced by people who you don't know
  • Initiate and nurture an online dialogue
  • Transition to an in-person relationship

Who should attend:

Sales and marketing people who need to make better use of new media software to find prospects, get their attention, and establish credibility. Directors, business owners, and managers who want to embrace the new way to gain an advantage over competitors.

Additional Benefits

  • Flexible multi session 'learning by doing' structured training
  • Workplace assignments develop new habits and practices
  • Tools, templates, frameworks, and examples save time and aid learning
  • Common language improves communication and teamwork
  • Promotes adoption of 'best practice' habits and methods
  • Improves job satisfaction and motivation
  • Increases sales results

Delivery Options

  • One to One - Individuals participate through a series of interactive online sessions with the coach. Participants can be anywhere in the world providing there is a good internet connection and they have an access device such as a laptop computer, tablet, or smartphone.
  • Small Groups - Up to five people from the same team or organisation who can gather in one room can participate through an internet session. This option works best if a data projector is available allowing the coach screen to be projected on a wall. The group can be anywhere in the world with access to the internet.
  • Traditional Classroom - The programme delivery takes place over one or more days at a conference venue or at the customers offices. This is effective for larger groups of four to twelve participants. The per person fees quoted here exclude trainer travel and accommodation expenses.

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£335 plus VAT

Register by email or tel +44 118 983 3887

Use this link for more information or to have us call you.

The per person fee includes a preparation guide, in course materials, planning and preparation tools, progress assessments, ongoing performance tips, and career long support.

Large Numbers

Licensing and train the trainer options enable self delivery. To find out more, telephone +44 (0)118 983 3887 or use the links below.

Sales Associate and Affiliate representation welcomed. To promote SalesSense training, get in touch directly or see the application details here.

Flexible Support

If you need to reconnect with customer buying habits, improve use of social media for business to business sales, this course offers a comprehensive solution that includes LinkedIn training. Telephone +44 (0)118 983 3887 for more information. We will be pleased to learn about your needs or talk through some options. Alternatively Send email to for a prompt reply or use the contact form here.

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